Our Mission

We set the course for progress.

As a globally active, owner-managed consulting firm, we are the binding pathfinder for challenging objectives of political and business leaders. With our first-class international network of relevant decision-makers and our outstanding expertise, we set the course for successful project completions.

Our Expertise

We excel at what is our daily tool.

Outstanding Knowledge

We have in-depth knowledge of political decision-making processes, needs and perspectives. Our clients benefit from our special experience in market development, market and investment strategies, and the expansion of various business areas.

Excellent Network 

We have a first-class international network of relevant political and economic decision-makers. Our longstanding, constant engagement has strengthened our status as a highly respected, multi-perspective informant, advisor and opinion leader.

„We empower our clients to progress - we set the course. In a highly dynamic scenario we need a stable value system in which, above all, integrity and loyalty are fundamental.“

– MICHAEL STÜCKMANN | Executive Partner and Founder

Our Services 

Our services are all characterized by a common goal: the progress of our clients. We advise political leaders, open up new market opportunities for companies and support them in optimizing corporate structures and processes. With our services, we pave the way for the future.


Political Executive Advisoring

creating basis for discussions with relevant decision- makers and potential business partners


progress in deadlocked projects, resolve conflicts

assessments and advice

Business Development

Growing in New Markets

clarification of political and legal framework conditions

acquisition of relevant political decision makers

identification of strategic joint venture partners, potential investors

networking with potential larger customers

Business Consulting

Fit for Future

vision building
corporate culture reshaping

definition of strategy and business development plans

design and support of change management processes

Our Industries

Our excellent industry knowledge allows us to quickly grasp complex objectives. We know about area-specific processes, are familiar with the issues and always have an eye on future developments. This enables us to act with foresight and flexibility. Especially in our core areas, our customers benefit from our national and international network. We are a valued discussion partner for decision-makers.

Law Enforcement & Defence

Capital & Investments

Smart Cities


Our Locations 

We are where decisions are made. With our presence at strategic locations, we ensure short distances and direct contacts.

Berlin | Brussels | Amsterdam | Frankfurt

contact us 


+49 30 300 149 3400 berlinoffice@sparkconsulting.eu